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happening as I type, seige in Geelong, with shots fired, and a live blog.
OMG thanks for the link tho
just hope the woman makes it out ok...
Yes pray no one gets hurt
this is terrible. the house is now on fire
What happened? I live near there

Someone is holding a woman hostage in Norlane and apparently he just set the curtains on fire, this all started at 4pm ish today

A man holding a woman hostage in Geelong is believed to have set fire to the house where he is holding her, police say.

Residents holed up in their homes report the man has been coming to the front window of the home, near the corner of Rose Ave and Watsonia Ave, waving the weapon, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

"He has threatened to blow the house up and told police 'I'll blow your heads off'," one onlooker told the Geelong Advertiser.

The man is brandishing a handgun.

Ambulance officers and a fire truck have arrived at the scene.

An armoured police vehicle has driven on the property, the Geelong Advertiser reports.

Special Operations Group officers cordoned off Rose Ave and Plume St early this afternoon, warning residents in the area to stay indoors.

Police said earlier the man had been making phone calls to his family members that he had threatened to inflict self-harm.

They were using megaphone to negotiate with the man.

An armoured police vehicle has arrived at the scene and paramedics are also in attendance.

[Comment From Bex]
Another fire truck has arrived, more hoses going in

7:35 gdundas: Daniel Breen reports: Fire trucks have arrived. Fire officers outside the house. No one has been seen emerging from the house.

7:35 [Comment From Bex]
We have pics, but too crazy at the moment to upload them

7:35 gdundas: Daniel Breen reports: Ambulance crews on the scene, creeping towards the house

7:36 [Comment From Heather]
Bex how faraway r u?

7:36 [Comment From Bex]
I'm across the street and about 4 houses down, we've been stuck inside for the whole thing

7:36 [Comment From jasmine]
are there people hurt?

[Edited on 21/09/2008]
[Comment From Coco]
Daniel can you see anything more?
gdundas: Daniel Breen reports: Not a lot of movement at the house.
Latest siege pics here
Is there any way to stop it auto-scrolling? it's making it hard to read the back story!

Thanks.. I was trying to read the thing but found it hard to follow.. That's shocking!

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