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Hi there, so i'm looking at buying a pram with a toddler seat. I'm looking at 2 second hand ones about 5-6 years old.
One is a bertini with toddler seat and the other is a phil and ted with toddler seat.
I really like the idea of the phil and ted coz their toddler seat looks so much more pleasant and comfy for the kid in it.
But I like the bertini coz it has the foot cover thing so I wouldn't have to worry about using the sun/rain cover all the time.
It seems to be my top pick but thought I would ask what other peoples thoughts are on which one they found to be better.
The pro's and cons of each so I can decide.

Thanks Heaps in advance


Sorry don't have any infor on the prams that you are looking at buying.I have a Valco with a toddler seat and i have found this to be a really great pram and easy to push and fold down.

I hope someone can help you.
Hi messyduck,

I had a phil and ted e3v2 pram.

Was really sad to sell it, but DS1 walks everywhere now and have down graded to a stroller.

We found the p&t great as a single pram, the pram set up for the newborn with toddler on top and then the toddler seat on the back to make it a double.

We brought a cocoon for our pram as we too would have preferred a footmuff, but found this worked just as well.

Not sure which model you are looking at, but my personal pref is the p&t!!! My DS1 and DS2 would agree with me also! Once DS2 was sitting up OK we just left him in the top seat as our DS1 was still under the weight guidelines.

But just as a side note, you MUST MUST MUST take the child that is in the back seat out first!! Although we never had it tip - the pram is a bit unstable if you leave all the weight in the back and take out top child first when using toddler seat on the back.

Hope this helps to sway you either way!!

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I am about to buy a Steelcraft Transistion 3 Wheeler that comes with a bonus toddle seat. It is on sale at for $259.00. The pram retails at $329 normally and the toddler seat retails at $59 if purchased seperately, so its a great buy..... I cant wait to get it.....

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