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Is this a good price or not really?
I'm in NZ

$300 for a phil and ted pram with toddler seat? It's 6 years old.
I tried to put a link up but it didn't work.
It seems in pretty good condition.
If not I'm looking at a Bertini the same age for $200 but would have to get toddler seat seperately.

[Edited on 23/09/2008]

I can't see the price anywhere?? Personally I would get a Phil and Teds if you can or I believe Steel Craft make one the same.

I had a Mountain buggy though and they are good prams - just heavy.
Oh so the link worked for you I tried it and it didn't. Hmmm

thats a pretty good price for the phil & teds. everyone says they are the best with the toddler seats, but you need to be careful with your toddler putting their hands between the seat and the bar at the back. A friends toddler did that and they had to cut the bar off to get his hand out.

I would. I love my phil & teds its the best pram for 2 bubbs's.

I looked at others with toddler seat, but they looked pretty uncomfortable and DD still likes to have a sleep in the pram if we are out and it so easy to push, the only thing is it a little heavy!!!

I paid $715 for my mine new with a rain cover so I think $300 is a good price if it has been well looked after.

Awesome thanks for the responses. I think I will get it now. They certainly look more comfy for the one in the toddler seat, bit more of a view iykwim.

Jess smile

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