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Well i went shopping Lock Rss

For swimmers for ashlee at Kmart (the only shop in the complex that would sell them) and there was bugger all variety so i just got her a plain all in one. it doesnt zip up or anything, just one they climb into.


All the rashies were ENORMOUS. There were none in a size even close to what size she is in!
Where can i find infants ones? She is in size 0 for most clothes now but all the rashies were short sleeved and started at like a size 5!
big W sell them in smaller sizes!

himmm swimming centers,
pool stores,
big W
surf shops,

sorry i cant really help as i just got jasmines bathers from england as we have family there,

best'n'less maybe.

i was given a size 1 shirt so i dont know where it came from.

i have a size 0 two piece floating around somewhere that neither of my girls can have it if you want smile
big w sell them
best and less

i''''m baking a baby

thanks. i was hoping i wouldnt have to go to big w etc because it means going to the big shopping centre - ah well looks like i'll be going there after all!


if you cannot find them let me know have Taylahs around that are from 00 upwards... as now have Ethan I dont have any use for "pink" ones I would be happy to send them to you
Big W actually have them on special too starting Thursday, it was in my junk mail.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

I bought DD some yesterday from Target. It is a rashie and bikini bottoms (SPF 50+). They started at size 0.

Kmart had absolutely nothing.

I also saw lots in Trade Secret yesterday, very pretty and cheaper than the ones I got at Target. I just couldn't be bothered driving back there!

My babies are all grown up sad

I gather you went to the plaza? I had the same prob with getting livvy one from there, Big w in carindale had a million rashies

thanks heaps for the offers and thanks for letting me know about the other shops.

Im guessing Kmart just doesnt have much stock! pfft to kmart!!

Thats good to know there is a sale about to start
Emma, I went to target to and they heaps of baby swimmers.

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