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Was this mornings wakeup! This is getting rediculous.

Anyone else with 3+ yos got any tips for this "independant" stage?
5.26 here!

Put her back to bed? Each and every time.

The other thing i have heard and haven't yet tired (think blake is a bit young) is to put an alarm clock in the room and tell her she is not allowed out of her room till it goes off...
start at her normal wake up time (or a little after ) then every few days set it a bit later.
Hey crack-o-dawn budddy!! We too have been doing 4.50 ams for a while now. Thank the LOord for dvd players!!!

You know they are not going back to sleep by the eager look in their eye ..... no sleep left at all, just ready to GO!!!!
No, I let it ride. I'm not into tantrums and constant explanations about when she can come out, LOL!! The last time involved PJs and shoes being flung around the room and ceiling, so I am happier for her to play quiely in the warm lounge instead, while I have a precious, quiet cuppa LOL
Been 5:30 quite a few mornings the last couple of weeks (i miss winter). Trouble this moring was she had heard he r sister and had opened her door and so when i told her off Alyssa cried so I thought she had woken her sister up so i got real cranky.

Yes, we are thinking about a clock. she can sort of read the time. She knows 6 o'clock versus 7 o'clock etc.

Gunna get block out blinds when i get some money too.

I think she wakes up from dreams and doesnt want to go back to sleep. We can't shut the door cos she is scared of the dark and she needs to be able to get out to pee in the morning.

Ah block out blinds dont work! They still get up early.

Blake is usually 6am now...and most mornings if he's up before 6 he gets put back to bed (but didn't have the energy this morning). Used to be 6.30...will get back to that when we have the 6am thing cracked.

But looks like Boo is going to be another early bird too. Good thing I am not a night owl.
What about a night light in her room so she can see to get out? We keep blake's door closed all the time and he seems to be able to see enough to get out and find the door.
6 am would be ok. I just have this thing about 5 anything LOL

It's not so much not being able to see to get out of bed but she is scared of the dark.. we had nightmare issues for a while about shadows and monsters etc. She can reach the lightswitch from her bed so she can turn the light on herself (there's a storage box under her bed too so she can get on that aswell).

Plus the peeing issue. and the loo is right next door to the babys room.

I dunno. We'll try the clock.... maybe it's time to pull out a reward chart...
Sorry no tip. My DD has been getting up from 4.50 am to 5.30 am lately in the last 2 weeks.

It just means she goes down earlier for her midday nap.

There energy is endless isn't it. Wish I could get some. lol

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

A midday nap would be nice but DD hasn't had a regular nap since b4 she turned 2. VERY rarely she will crash on the couch at 4pm and she sometimes sleeps at Daycare. But I am thinking today she will need one but we have a friend coming over so not sure when i will get to try.

I could do with a nap right now!!
rhylie is 2 and he was up just after 5am this morning (DH got up not me hehe) but the silly bugger got all tired and cranky at 5pm so he went to have a nap while we done dinner, and didnt wake up till 5am
We almost made 6 this morning sad

Pity I was awake at 3:30 with a headache and then 5 am anyway.

GUess I'll have to start going to bed early sad There goes my lesiure time.
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