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ATM in Lolas room we have a tall boy, a big toy box and a small set of decorative toy boxs.
Her room is very small and we cant really get a built in put in, her sister has a big one so all her hanging stuff is in there, but now i am finding i need more room for shoes and or nappys.

So does anyone have any ideas for me?? I can show pics of you think it might help...
Ummm if you wanna pay for a new bed the one we have for Judd is awesome it has 4 huge drawers underneath it that fits so much in it.

I have 4 boys in a small room

They have 2 sets of bunks, tall boy & a wardrobe

I have put a set of drawers in the wardrobe & on the other side is where their shoes & school bags go

They have one toybox in there but it gets dragged into the lounge to be played with & their other toys are in the garage & I rotate them once every 2~3 mths

I also have an old suitcase under the bed for the toys that just don't fit anywhere else (maccas toys etc)

What are the small set of decorative boxes for?
I would take them out if they aren't being used for anything

Other than that without seeing pics I don't really know lol

I was thinking a storage type bed too. My two middle girls are getting these soon, with drawers and a trundle bed underneath.

Other than that what about some type of wall hanging storage?

Can you go to howards storage and get one of those rack things - generally use in the laundry I think (just has the one pole going across the top and you hang the clothes off it iykwim), then get some of those material drop shelves you can put into cupboards for extra shelves and hang them from it - so you can store the nappies ect. Sorry if it doesnt make sense.
But I am going to have to do this in bubs room when we move as she wont have a cupboard either. That or go to ikea they have some small cupboards for kids rooms.

This is what I mean;
Garment rack

Hanging shelves

I got some really cute pastel coloured ones ages ago from freedom though, so if you look around you maybe able to find some to go in your dds room.
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Oh Ikea sounds a good idea Natty,

I will post a pic so you can see what i mean.

ANd remember the cot will have to be replaced by a bed soon, taking up even more room.


and here

and here
here is a link for ikea:
ikea kids

Weekends it is like a mad house though, plus I dont know if you are willing to drive to rhodes from where you are, but go there on a weekday. (used to work in the centre hehe)

Ikea is a great idea. I found that book shelves were also great for storage (they can be attached to the wall for safety aswell)

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

Thanks for the links Natty, i couldnt reply before.

Thats for all your help girls, i thinki might make the trip up to Ikea soon!
when you upgrade to a bed either get one wit h storage for the toys etc underneath or maybe the 3 boxes you have will fit under the bed? then you could but a small wardrobe where the 3boxes are
OOOH ebbys mum your a cleaver chook!!!

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