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What do you think of this??
That's cute Manda! Honestly the room doesn't seem that small from the photos - is it that there isn't a built-in robe that's the issue?

Where those boxes are I think you could fit another bigger chest of drawers? or a cupboard with drawers included?

Yeah if i put a built in robe in it would tale up too much room,

I get what you mean about more draws where the boxes are, But i dont like enclosed space, thats why all the furniture is on the outside of the room... Im not a fan of clutter.

I think i might start trawling the markets for somekind of box to put the shoes in like the one i linked, and get rid of the 3 coloured boxes and put all the toys and book from in ther into the big box. Either that or a book shelf with some kind of draws or something at the bottom....
I've seen bookshelves with a blanket box at the bottom before - that might be what you're wanting.

Like this one

Yeah that looks great Ro! Might keep a look out for something like that but girly..
Yep know what you mean - we had a little local pine shop that used to do them and paint them up white then the either pink or blue accents - they were really cute.

Even something like This
[Edited on 24/09/2008]
here ares ome ideas from jasmine's room, please ignore the mess <span class="emoticon smile">smile</span>
baskets under cot
dolls house shelves
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