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Does any other 2.5yr old know the alphabet??? Lock Rss

Hey all!!!
Aren't the little one's bright these days.
My little guy will look at letters of the alphabet and say them all to me. Also his numbers he will count from 1-12!!
I took him to kindy other week and they couldnt believe how advanced he was!!
Guess some of us have them all aye!!!!

Getting olda

wow straight to uni for him, pity he doesn't eat otherwise he would be prefect hey! you must be the best mum ever.
Monkey knows his numbers.
If I say wheres #4, wheres #7....he will point to them.

i have 3 in my toddler room who can say the alphabet, recognise their name and there are 5 who can speak a few phrases in spanish, french and japanese.

they amaze me everyday!
Maybe i had better enrol him @ school of excellence already lol

Getting olda

my daughter is 9 months old and can recite the alphabet - she's a genius LOL

Nah just kidding, but she can already throw a good tantrum if that counts for smarts!
And yes it is a shame he doesnt eat.
Doesnt take after big brother(15yrs) thats for sure!!!

Getting olda

Can he complete a Mensa crossword? Then I'll be impressed.

To answer your question, I don't know of any other 2.5yo who can but I would be proud as well if my Ds could do the same.
DS#1 could do that at around 2 but DS#2 who is just over 2 1/2 cant yet but he's getting there.

my neice knew all her numbers and letters well before 2.
Sounds like we have too many clever kids these days then.
Oh and if he could do the crossword it would save me a job

Getting olda

Thanx for all advice it's off to bed for me!!!
Hopefully my DS might wake up and know the rest of his number's tomorrow lol
Night all!!!

Getting olda

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