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im awake and located the usb cable here is a pic of my new lil princess taken when i got out of recovery (due to her being born in op theatre i had to go to recovery even though it was a vag birth with vac)
[Edited on 25/09/2008]
Aww just precious!

She is beautiful!
Awwwwwww, isn't she just perfect. Well done. Hope you are all well.

Is OVER rude people

she is just besutiful!
Oh she is just beautiful
Congratulations hun xx

She is absolutely beautiful smile

we are going extremely well which i think shocked most of my friends from being admited to delivery ward with bp problems to discharged with a newborn was 23 hours, bub flew through all her testing yesterday and i was feeling well enough to leave and i dont see the point of taking up a bed when it wasnt needed plus mahalia wouldnt of been impressed if i didnt see her on her birthday
What a beautiful bub.... She is definetely a princess....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

well done, hope you got some sleep last night!

the lil princess woke up for 4 feeds that was all so im happy with that
naaaaawwwww she is just beautiful.

Awwww I am so clucky.....

she is just adorable!!!

Job well done!!!

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