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I'm needing some ideas/suggestions. I have 2 boxes or DH old trophies from cricket some are at least 20 years old, what I need help for is what do I do with them?

Do we just hold onto them in their boxes? I suggested throwing them away, cruel and heatless I know but they are just useless and dust gatherers (you can imagine DH reaction).

What do you all do with your or DP old trophies?

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with my old trophies i just pulled the Plaque off them, and kept that, but threw away the statue. except for a couple that were from state level, and the were made out of marble i kept them as they were, but the others i just kept the plaque.


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most of hubby's old ones are dust gatherers in the garage but he has given some to our boys some to display in their rooms!I sold quite a few at a trash and treasure market people buy them and take the plaques off and put new ones on!

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I am interested to see the responses here. I want to throw DF's too

With mine Mum had boxes of them and when she moved out of the Family home she said what do you want me to do with them and i said just throw them, she got all centimental and said she would keep them in her new shed(much to Dads discust!!LOL) I didnt want to throw them but didn't want them either!!! So i win really!!!
So i say give them to his Mum to store!!:)LOL

I like the idea of removing the plaque and just keeping that!


I threw mine out and i still regret it.


If you dont want to display them just keep them in a box in the shed or under the bed!


My MIL glued the plaques to a piece of nice wood so DH could hang it in the "pool room" and donated statues to a local sporting club.

So i say give them to his Mum to store!!:)LOL

Funny you should suggest that, I actually did say that to DH but got no response

Wow I'd never thought of donating them to clubs for recyling or even selling them and defintley never thought of removing the plaques.

What a great idea to put all the plaques on one piece of wood to hang up.

Thank you so much ladies for the suggestions. Now I just have to convince DH.

Wish me luck..

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

I had all mine stored in a box in the garage.
when we had the June long weekend floods last year, the decision was taken care of, to the bin they went.
Memories are in my head, not on plastic

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