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Is re-using a cot mattress a SIDS risk? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I am expecting my 2nd bub soon and was planning on re-using DDs cot mattress for new bubs as it still looks new.

My girlfriend told me that sharing mattress's can be a SIDS risk. Has anyone heard this?

The mattress is an inner spring and was brand new with DD (she is now 2.5).

Id love to hear everyones thoughts/experiences.

Many thanks in advance

Yes there is an increased risk using second hand mattress check out SIDS and kids website heaps of info on there
It is recommended that you purchase only new mattresses, however I will be using the same mattress for this bub and ours is 19 months old now.

My mum bought my mattress second hand, it was then used for 4 other children (including my 2 sister) over a 14 year period.

All of the houses were smoking free and pet free and all used mattress protectors. Mum always put the mattress in a big bag and would suck the air out with a vacuum.

So, I suppose it is up to you. I don't think there has been an actual direct reason why the recommend a new mattress, for all I know it may just be co-incidence, and a terrible co-incidence at that.

Is OVER rude people

I had hear that aswell. So I'm planning on buying a new mattress for this bub. DD is 3 so her mattress is 3 years old.

You'll probably get differing opinions.

Sasha & Willum my beautiful kiddies

The risk is from dirty mattresses...

so if you have a newish mattress that has been vomitted on or peed on a lot you should get rid of it. If you have an old, cleaned mattress then it should be fine.

The one we are using for DD is about 8 years old...will be replacing it after her for the next bub.
I read an article form "Sids and Kids" the other day at the hospital which said there is NO evidence to support this theory at all.

I found a copy of the article on the 'Sids and Kids' website.

9. Is it safe to use a second hand mattress?
There has been recent media attention in relation to
a theory that there may be a link between SIDS and
a certain bacteria found in secondhand mattresses.
However, the bacteria in question are normally
found on the skin and in the nose and throats of
healthy adults and infants. There is no evidence to
show that there is an increased risk of SIDS for
babies who sleep on a second hand mattress
providing that baby:
· Sleeps on the back
· Sleeps on a firm, clean, well fitting mattress
that is in good condition
· Sleeps with no bedding covering the face or
· Is not exposed to tobacco toxins before birth
or after

[Edited on 25/09/2008]
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