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Any suggestions for a really good book? Lock Rss

It can be any type of book, but has to be long. A 450 page book can take me 2-3 days to read if it's really good.

what kind of book do you like?

i read a book on nelson mandella's life it was huge but interesting
I read mostly fantasy books, but like reading anything really, especially true life things.

i just read a book, first one since before i was preg with elijah. its called "tell me why mummy", its about a boy who from the age of 4 was made to touch his mum, when she was drunk. it tells how he grew into a teenager, turned into a thief, but then told his mum he coudlnt handle her anymore (she never knew what happens when she drinks, and at the end she dies, and he never told her), he met a gf, married her etc and had a good life.

also anything my nikki french is good. but both books i just mentioned are not like big novels. took me a few days to read it, and so all up about 5-6 hours?
Have you read any Barbara Erskine books?

She's written a number of books and has just released a new one "The Warrior's Princess'. She generally mixes historical themes and metaphysical themes with the present.

I'm reading her current one, it's excellent. Has 548 pages and I'm reading it very quickly.
I am reading Tully by paullina simons, just finished reading her trillogy of the bronze horseman. Really enjoyed that smile books are a fair size but sucked me right in!


Bec, NsW, charlie 5, AJ almost 3

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