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going insane due to relatives/friends ! Lock Rss

I need to get this of my chest so I appologise in advance if I get carried away!

Do you find it annoying when either relatives or even friends do things that drive you crazy?

eg: like having your friend push the pram and they run into everyones ankles! and you find yourself appologizing for their mistakes over and over, not only that but you feel that people are looking and think that the baby belongs to the person pushing the pram!

Or MIL pushes the pram and she walks slower than a wet week! when I go to a shopping centre I go around as quickly as possible before baby gets upset and wants me to carry him.

My Father in law always plays with baby's chin so that his mouth opens/closes I'm worried he may bite his lip or break his teeth and I'm sick of asking people not to do something again and again!

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Yep!! A baby is everyones property!!!! But my moan is with peoples comments when they should know better.
When my FIL was over from the uk, my bub was only 7 months, the entire time he was here (8 weeks) all i got was "r u feeding him AGAIN" "giving him ANOTHER bath" "costs a lot of money to have a baby, even more if you have any more" (the last remark almost resulted in me cracking a shovel over his head as our son was an ivf bub and we don't know if we will be able to have any more, so it was quite hurtful)

And then there was the classic "a very good baby, he doesn't cry at all" which was a laugh as FIL is 79 and fairly deaf!!!!

Then from my SIL, "If you don't get him minded for a couple of nights, you'll never be able to go away withour him" it never occurred to her that i didn't want to go away without him!!

I could probably go on for hours on this subject.......

mum of 1


I know exactly what you mean! My mother and MIL are both insane and drive me round the bend! I could go on for hours about it but won't. I love them dearly and I know they love my son but it still drives me nuts.

An example is we had a party on Sunday to celebrate the impending arrival of bubs no 2 and everyone was having a great time including my son. He had a little friend there and they were playing really nicely with the toys etc. My mum came over and insisted she take them for a walk to the park so off she went with my MIL and FIL in tow even though the kids were having a great time with all the other guests.

45 minutes later they come back carrying a load of sticks and bark which my mum said they could make a bark picture with. I promptly put them all in the bin. It was such a mess! Also, my son had managed to roll in dog poo and in the end I had to throw away a pair of sneakers because we just couldn't get them clean!

I told my mum not to take them out as everyone was having a good time and so were the kids but she just wouldn't listen to me. It just drives me nuts!

Oh Well!

P.S. Hi Jo, I'll try and send you an email today or tomorrow. Have been flat out at work as I only have 2 more days to go!!!!

my mother in law and sister in law are very annoying at times. My father in law is great with my daughter, he plays with her and does all sorts of funny/crazy things with her like making funny noises. Often we are around my in laws for dinner on Saturday nights and when my father in law is playing with my daughter doing his usual crazy antics the others say to stop it or be quiet because it annoys them. It doesn't annoy me and my daughter loves it. Sometimes my husband says a word or two about him being annoying also. My own father died before my daughter was born and so I feel she is missing out on having this fun with my father, but if my father in law wants to do all the crazy things he does with my daughter, then I'm not telling him to stop because I love him for doing it, I'd love to say a word or two to the others about them talking to him the way they do, but then again I'd better not as I don't have any other family around and they come in handy for great baby sitters on short notice!

Mel, SA

Its great to see your FIL getting involved. My FIL loves to have cuddles and play with Liam and he's even content to sit there and watch him sleep. When my husband was growing up he wasn't that much of an active parent so I think its reat he's taking such an interest in my son. He was recently diagnosed with cancer and is unsure if his treatment will be successful so he's trying to get as much time with Liam as he can.
I think you should say something to you husband or MIL that you actually like that he plays with your daughter so much. If your daughter likes it why stop it. Maybe he wasn't encouraged to take an active roll in raising his own children and realised (like most grandfathers) that they grow up too quickly so they want to enjoy them.

Scorpian, maybe you might have to tactfully tell your friend that you don't mean to ignore her but so much of your time is taken up looking after bubs or catching up on housework. Otherwise the answering machine is the way to go.
If your quite friendly with the other lady with the bub maybe just test her as to how much she talks out of school. Its not neccesarily a nice thing to do but neither is running people down behind their back.

member since 2004

Oh my god Yvette, i just got soooooo excited and then i realised you have 2 more days of WORK to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mum of 1

Ha Ha!

And today only 1 more day of WORK to go!! Still 2 weeks off due date though but it is getting very close!!

Hope you got my email!!!

Talk soon, and give Jack a big cuddle.

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