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Going Mad!!!!!!! Lock Rss

DD 15 months picked up a tummy bug and spent Thursday night vomiting - it was all over very quickly but since then she is so whingy and clingy - not her fault I know but tiring all the same!!!! Now my worst fears have come to fruition - DH has the bug!!!!! Why are men always sicker than anyone else. I just told him to take his sighing and groaning into the bedroom and shut the door. Now if I get it I will have to deal the children while he's at work - if I whinged loud enough he would stay home lol but does everyone get what I'm saying - we woman battle on while they die a very loud and painful death - god help me!!!!!
Sick kids I can do....sick husbands, well that's a whole different story!!!! Good luck to you, it's going to be a long few days!
Yep - sick husbands I can do without!!!! It's like no-one has ever been sick before - I wish the sofa bed was ready - I would sleep there lol!!!!!
I hear you loud and clear!! DS had the bug last weekend and chucked everywhere, I managed to avoid catching it, now this weekend DH has it!! Will I be able to avoid it again??
instead of staying home and listening to the complaining I just went out with DS both days!!

I have a 2 year old now!!

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