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To get the spew smell out of carpet & the couch even after its been cleaned????

Pls help my house wreaks!!! ive used hot soapy water to clean it all up.

do you have somethign like fabreeze??? bi carb might aborb the smells maybe
WOW i have the exact same question!!!

i was sitting on our loungerrom lug yesterday and it really stinks of does lil miss's bedroom!!

sorry im no help but i would love to know the answer!

sprinkle Bi Carb on it, let it dry and vacuum it up. Repeat if necessary.

and a bit of talc powder over it never goes astray.

But i'd need to let the area dry first wouldnt i or it would go all claggy? Its quite damp still as its a fabric/suede couch that got chucked on & it splattered the carpet..

Yeah hun let it dry out a bit first, even hit it with the hair dryer.

As PP said, vinegar works, but be careful it is really acidic on suede and leaves nasty smell!

Maybe pop on some Bi Carb in the morning. it should be dry by then. And dont rub it in, just sprinkle it!

Ta thanks Nikki...

No worries Bec, good luck with it!!!!!

Ewwww spew smell LOL

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