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it has been so long since i have been in here and i feel like a stranger in a place i used to feel very comfortable..maybe a lil too comfortable!

My lil miss cut her first tooth yesterday and i was soo happy becuase i found it (i didnt find any of Isak;s teeth) and she got it without too muchh heartache so i am very proud of her!

how is everyone???

hey awww i miss you sweetie!!!


wow cut her first tooth already!! well done lil miss

what have you been up to?
so sorry we havent been able to ctch up!

been busy i started doigna Small business management course by correspondence but akm finding it a bit difficult so i think i will send it back and do a different course!
went shopping today bought lots of new clothes! YAY ME! lol

how is lil C and how are you doing darl?

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