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Such a Big Boy.but what about.... Lock Rss

My DS1 is TT, and he is going so well, so just wanted to share! We started on Wedenesday, and he had one accident, and then spent pretty much the whole day on the potty coz he was scared he would wee on his leg again! Thursday was day 2, and we had a nappy on in the morning while at Playgroup, and then TT all arvo, and then yesterday he was at daycare and he had one accident where he forgot to point himself down and wee came out of the toilet and went onto his shoe, and then this morning, he woke me up saying take nappy off, need to wee!!! Im so proud of him!!!!!!!!!

Only problem is DP wants to do something today coz its such a nice day, but was thinking should stick close to home since still early days and dont want to confuse him by putting nappy back on??? Any suggestions??

got any pull ups?I used them while out and my son would get a little treat if he did not wet them I just said they are special pants while you are learning and that worked well.
[Edited on 11/10/2008]

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

I agree with above, we also used to take our potty with us and DD1 would just go beside the car or a tree or something then put it in a plastic bag in the bottom of the pram.

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