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I Can't believe it!! Lock Rss

I just went into Big W to pay money off my laybys and I told her I had 2. The lady told me I only had one and sent me down to layby.
Well it turns out someone else had been allowed to get one of my laybys out without my permission.

The layby was for the friend who took it out but I can't believe they gave it to her without her even knowing my address or having my layby card. All she told them was my name (didn't even know the balance as I had been making fortnightly payment).

I am now wondering if I should be ringing the manager and finding out if this is nrmal as I would hate someone to be able to walk in and get my other christmas layby out with all the kids toys etc on it as I have paid $300 off it.

Don't know if this makes sense and sorry for the rant but it P***ed me off

I can't believe they would do that. I thought you had to have the receipt and even sometimes show id!
I would give the manager a call and let them know them know what has gone on and tell them you are not happy.
Yeah I thought that too. I asked in Target and they said they would have done the same thing.
She was even asked my adress and said "I don't know".

As I am really organised this year and only have max of $4 due one each of my laybys I am concerned someone could get away with heaps of free stuff. I could walk in and say "Hi I am picking up a layby for Frank Smith" and get out what ever he/she has on layby.

I will be ringing the manager this arvo I think and ask him what their policy is on this.

i would be ringing also as i am sure this is against sore policy. i put on a layby for a frined at big w for this year and put it under my name, I was told at the timewhen i put my layby on that the friend could make payments but i had to be there topick it up so i could sign for it, you sign when you put a layby on from memory.. So i will go with friend to pick her parcel up on the day she wants to. Not good at all, i think the store should be made aware as i am sure some people woul dno doubt try ot to see if they can get away with it, then an innocent person will have nothing left for xmas presents...

I layby-ed some items at Big W on Saturday and there is a poilcy sign there that states that only the person who did the layby can pick it up with photo id. My mum is going to pay my lay by off for me but i have to pick it up, she can't do it.

The sign clearly states that photo id is required to pick it up. I'd personally make a complaint. As you said you are quite worried anybody could collect your other layby's and your xmas could be ruined...

Good luck

Thats not on at all. I had to write a bloody letter and sign it just so my husband could go and pick up my layby for me. So for them to hand it out to someone when they don't even have the layby card is outragious.
I would be ringing the store and complaining what if it wasnt your friend and she did choose to get the other 1 out instead and than cashed it in how would you know. Thats just plain wrong..

I Would call but when you do ask to talk to someone .Ask for the store manager only as you could get put on to any of the manager there .
I know it cr ap hey!! i went to pick up a lay by from big w the other day, had lost my receipt and just gave them my name and they handed it over, with only $20 left to pay on what was initially a $250 layby. didn't ask for my licence or to check my signature or anything! then at the other end - i had a layby at target, and went to pick it up, but had lost my licence...had the original receipt and all the ones they attach at each pymt made, and also cr card with my sig and name on it. she called the manager up and it was a huge deal for me to get it!!

mummy to isabella, 07/07/07

Have you rung your friend to ask her?
I worked at the layby counter at a big w years ago and it was policy then to check id (licence) before handing anything out. Even with a note we werent allowed to give it to anyone else.

Ring the manager definately. Someone in layby is being very slack!

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