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Help 4 Mum with Child with Leukemia Lock Rss

Some advise please for a mother newborn and 4 yr old with cancer.
help with house hold duties and cooking.

Is there any services for her or do friends just have to help out.
make enquiries with her local shire council
Hi, she should proberly talk to her family clinic, they may be able to refer her to some one..
How upsetting to have both children going through this..
Hugs to the family..
Sorry to hear about a young child being so ill.

Cancer council and Leaukaemia foundation are brilliant, Ronald McDonald foundation?
My partner had it (sorry can't help with a child suffering), and they really do what they can to help out.

What state are you in? (is it you or a friend?)

she,s in nsw central coast.

she,s to in from hospital with him i dont think she had time to arrange anything so we have to find help both her parents and husband work full time so everything is up in the air, plus shes got no friends.
Red Cross? If she is entitled to a carerspayment from Centrelink she should ask to see a social worker there, they should be able to put her in touch with any services that are available to her.
If the hospital haven't already done it, get them to organise a social worker to start with. They should also be able to contact the leukaemia foundation and get one of there workers to come in. Either them, the hospital or Ronald McDonald will help out with accommodation for her/family.
The social worker might be able to help with finding someone to help out around the house (cleaning and stuff), otherwise call someone like Dial-an-Angel (they are national) - not cheap, but they provide everything from home-carers, to a nanny or babysitter, cleaners etc. Or even a church group/volunteer organistaion if she's involved in anything.

But, really the cancer council and leukaemia foundation were the ones that helped us out. It's pretty tough and very scary in those first days when you have no idea what to do/expect and where to go, so having organisations that know what your going through is the best. Good luck to her, hope all goes well. Good luck to her! xx

Thanks soooooooooooooooooooo much its really frustrating, i,ll ask her mum to enquiry how far the hospital have gone to put her intouch of organisations then suggest they contact syarlight or leukemia/foundation.

Thanks so much fro all your adivce.
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