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peeling fingertips??? Lock Rss

My daughter who is nearly 2 has peeling finger tips.
It started on one hand has happened the other one now. She seems fine otherwise but it is just such a weird thing to happen. Her skin looked fine it just starts to come away like a big bubble then she sits there and picks it off.
Has this happened to any one else here and what did it turn out to be???
I'll be back on later to check for answers coz I'm unsure whether to be concerned or not.

Thanks heaps


Is she on any medication? OR has the environment changed in anyway?
I usually get this while I am pregnant. Dr told me it is just a dermatitis.

Nope, no meds. We are away from home for a week but we've been here at her nans before with no problems.
It just started a couple of days ago.
Would dermatitis spread or just stay localised to that area. I'm unsure whether it is something to just ignore or get checked

Maybe you could just pop into a chemist, and ask for a pharmacist to take a look? I only get it around my fingertips, and around the front of my nails if that makes sense? I guess it is possible it could spread further. But a pharmacist should be able to recommend a cream (like dermaid or something) to clear it up or atleast stop it spreading.

cool. I will pop into one tomorrow when I am out

Hi Jess,
my dd 2 and a half had this a few months ago, also on her toes. It lasted just under 2 weeks and then cleared itself up. It didn't casue her any problems and it hasn't been back since. I didn't get it checked as it didn't look like anything to be worried about but by all means check if you feel the need, I'd be interested to see what the doc or chemist says. HTH a bit,

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Moo had it as well also on her toes and vagina which was associated with high temps and a rash and the hospital thought she had kawasaki disease or roseola. Turns out she had an allergic reaction to penicillin. Worthwhile getting her checked to ensure it isnt anything too worrying.
hi, this is very common for when you have kawasaki disease. maybe just get it checked. x

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