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Do you think its a load of crap? Over diagnosed? or a serious problem with todays kids? Is it a onvenient excuse for bad behivour? Should parents start taking a bit of responsibility and discipline their children and maybe examie their diet?

I def think that it is over diagnosed and pills are offered as a quick fix for the situation. I am not saying all cassed are misdiagnosed but todays society is all for bandaid quick fixes and not about acutally having to examine the cause.

It worries me that it seems so normal now to have an ADD/ADHD kid that mothers are question if there toddler have it, instead of accpet the fact that some toddlers go a million miles an hour and need boundaries and guidelines.
Ooooo this is bound to get deleted!!! lol take on it....

I think it does exist and is very real for some people....
I also think it is over diagnosed and that when you can see a GP once and walk away with a diagnosis then it is cousin had her 3 children diagnosed by a GP based on a single consult, got drugs prescribed for each one of them....she failed to mention the lack of parenting, the domestic violence and drug use her children were subject to at home....gee I wonder why they had behaviour and emotional issues???

I think that ADHD can be used as a label and excuse for children's behaviour and for parents giving up. I have seen it happen countless times. I have also seen children use it as an excuse in school settings etc....they would actually say...I am being naughty because I haven't had my tablet yet!!!! Or parents using drugs by saying things like...behave yourself or you'll have to have another tablet...

I think that all avenues should be taken before placing such powerful mind and body altering drugs into your childrens growing and developing much is still not known about the effects they can have physically and emotionally....

I look forward to reading all the replies you get to this one Tam.

I think people are way too quick to put bad behaviour in the ADHD basket.

I think that a high majority of kids who have ADHD dont actually have it at all rather need some disciplin and a better diet free from all the sugars and preservatives.

Oh and if I was to be told on of my kids had adhd I would be trying everything possible including diet excercise etc before drugging them..

Just my opinion of course.
I do think its over diagnosed. Some children are simply naturally boistrous and to be perfectly honest I think that t.v and video games aren't helping they kinda make the situation worse. I do believe many children do not know how to amuse themselves and their imaginations haven't been nurtured/encouraged to develop as a result of technology (occasionally electronic babysitting).

I'm not saying all parents rely on t.v etc to keep kids amused.

I just remember I was encouraged to go play out in the back yard, climb trees, ride bikes, play skipping and practise cartwheels etc that I learned in gymnastics. I was also enrolled in swimming and scouts etc.

In saying that I grew up with a young man who was diagnosed with ADHD - but not until the age of about 7 or 8. It took a while to get the right balance in diet to eliminate trigger foods and then even longer to adjust the right dose of medication required for him to function 'normally'. Even at the age of 18 he still needed 7 pills a day to keep it under control. I have since lost contact with him but hope that everything is working out.

-just to note if he refused to take his medication the difference was rather dramatic.

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IMO it is over diagnosed. A I think a lot of behavioral problems these days are more about the additives, preservatives and colours in the food we give our children and lack of discipline.

How can you discipline a child hyper on the crap food readily available on the shelves this days? The answer is you can't!!!

And can I just say, I have know people who if they can get their hands on it take ritalin for the high. It is a form of speed. And I've also met kids for whom it doesn't work, it just makes them worse...

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This topic I like LOL.

I do think that ADD/ADHD is a genuine condition that is extremley over diagnosed.

I have had personal experiance with a family member that had ADD and he was not diagnosed until he was in his early teens. He had massive issues with attention span and also with violence. He was treated for a short time with medication, he also recieved behaviour modification councelling that worked wonders. Today he is in one of the armed services and is an amazing man who got his life together.

I have also worked with children with disabilities in a respite home and out of the 80+ children that recieved respite care over 50% had ADD/ADHD as part of thier diagnosis. 30% of these children thier only diagnosis was ADD/ADHD. There were a few genuine cases out of this but most of the children were just wild, they were not disciplined and they were let to run free because of thier "Disability ADD/ADHD" the discipline that they recieved during thier stay worked wonders. Boundries and good food made so much of a differance.

I think that the parents who have thier children diagnosed by GPs and accept meds ans thier only option need thier heads read. Medication should be a last resort. I have seen first hand what medication does to a child who is misdiagnosed. The child was very active but with boundries was calm, as soon as they were given thier meds they became a zombie sitting in the corner.

I also found and this may be a generalisation, but this was the way it was in the setting that I worked. That parents who had excessive numbers of children and were uneducated, they used the respite service as a way to palm their children off so had thier children diagnosed with behavioural problems. When the main issue in thier case was that the parents did not use birth control and had 8+ children that they were unable to care for and support.

It will be interesting to see how this thread goes

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Like everyone else has said, I do think it's over diagnosed and sometimes used as an excuse, but there are alot of real cases out there.

Agree with the rest of you!

I am a STRONG believer in choosing the right foods for our children.

This is another reason i DONT and WONT let my children drink cordial, soft drink and normal juice.

I limit most things aswell food wise.

I think, to be honest, parents are just getting plain lazy, and like someone said before, as kids we were ALWAYS outside playing, nintendos were cool, but it didnt really fuss us if we didnt have one, there was always more fun to be had catching tadpoles, or riding our bikes through the mud, or running around in the rain, splashing in puddles, riding motorbikes.

I could go on and on about this for hours i really could. ID love a debate with someone that said it ISNT over diagnosed.

I also have been 'told' that if your kid is diagnosed ADHD/ADD that you get an extra payment from the government.

I wish more lazy ass parents would research the affect the drugs have on these poor kids before even contemplating it.

It makes me angry, it really does!

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Ditto to all of the above.

I call it "undisciplined little sh!t syndrome"
Hey i do beleive it can be real but is not looked into enough and is just handed pills in some cases..for example my cousin who is the 20 now was diagnoised with ADD when he was young because his mother use to make his steal, wouldnt let him see his dad all sorts off stuff so yes he did reteliate and she took him to the doctors and he was just handed pills which made him way worse, i havent seen him in along time but at 16 i sore hi being bundeled into a police car, his done time and when he dad tried to take him in all he did was lie, we all blame the miss diagnosis(sp) and the way his mother brought him up!
I also believe that it is overdiagnosed ...but i dont think that it is overdiagnosed as often as we all would like to think !!

just looking at this from a purely professional point of view ...If you DO actually have ADHD/ADD then when you are prescribed the drugs they will work ...if you DONT have it and it was missdiagnosed then the drugs just will not work !! ...ADD/ADHD is a chemical imbalance in their brain unless you have that chemical imbalance the "speed" in the Ritilin will just make you hyper ...(as speed tends to do !! lol lol lol ) So point is ....if the drug was overprescribed then there would be a whole generation of kids climbing walls and just absolutly uncontrollable if this was the case then SURELY the mothers would take their kids off the drug as they would be tearing their hair out !!!

but ...there are those low life breed of people who get their kids diagnosed so that they can take the meds themselves ...they are the kids I feel sorry for !!!

So yep ....definatly over diagnosed ...but I have a problem with drugs being over prescribed as they just wont work !!!
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