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Occasional Child Care Lock Rss

Dose anyone know much about it? I have been trying to ring the occasional care center near me all morning but no one is answering.

I want to put DD in one a day fortnight can you do that, I don't mind if its not on the same day each time or anything like that. I am just wanting to have some R&R time with DS.

I use occasional child care.
We have 1 half day (4.5 hrs) per week, on the same day.
You can just go casual and just call the day before if that suits. (my centre does this)
It's just a 2 hour minimum stay, which is great if an appointment pops up and both nans are busy...LOL
I use occasional before/after school care for my eldest DD if I am working, and her Nanna is rostered on the same days. I just have to drop in to see them a day before hand, or call on the day to let them know. If I need before school care urgently, I can just drop her off. No minimum stay, but it's a flat rate for the arvo whether its an hr or 4!

3 girls are enough...the shop is now shut!

I put my dd whos nearly 3 in every second tues 9-1. Its great another couple of mums do the same and we go shopping and do lunch while the kids have a ball at 'kindy' as my dd calls it. Its a great idea just to get shopping or anything done.

My girls are my world!!!!

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