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hi ladies how you all son will be 6 in jan,i have got him a nintendo ds lite for im wondering if any wld no (have any experience) if he will beto young for this.i no others getting for their sons same age to.just dont want it be a disappointment for him.they cost heaps but as they are small dont want him think he didnt get a really big flashy pressy(esp as his almost 3yrsistergetting barbie dreamhouse) they also getting trampoline and other stuff but that be his main one.thx ladies hope someone can share some advise see ya shell.

shell 4yr old & 16mth

If you are getting him any games or accessories like case etc I would recommend you wrap it all separately and then throw it all in a big box (around the dreamhouse size) along with some newspaper of something so he has to dig for it smile that way the initial thing will not be the size of the gift by the time he has played and found all the bits he will be thrilled smile

Leigha''s little men smile

Hey also a couple of other things not to forget:

1: screen protector tongue

2: charge it before Christmas day lol - there in nothing worse than giving a child the toy of their dreams only to have to sit and watch them sulk for the whole day because some of them have to be charged 12 - 16 hours before first use sad

Leigha''s little men smile

They are very hard to come by. A friend recoommend the older style DS for boys its more robust very hard to find the DS doesnt seem as boy friendly. Only going by what she has told me and her son has an old style one and has lasted where as a friend of hers bought a DS lite for her son and he has already broken.

Although the older style are more robust they are harder to find unless you buy off line..

My 6 year old nephew got one for his 6th birthday in september. So far he has loved it. It probably helped this his older sister got one too and they play games against each other on their own DS's. I like the idea of wrapping it in a big box with the games etc. Sounds like you have chosen nice gifts for your DS and DD.

hey thx for the ideas ladies.yeah we already have bought the ds lite,so to late to try find the old style one.gosh wld never ever had thought about charging it,thankyou so much for that tip,i have written it down now so wont forget.that cld be an idea wrap in big box,but worried cld backfire an be so excited getting something big when not.hate to disappoint,although im sure he will love it,he stil getting heaps other stuff.bye for

shell 4yr old & 16mth

Hi I got my DS one last xmas and he was 6 &1/2. He loves it and understood that it cost more so there were fewer presents. A couple of tips- I got a hard plastic cover from EB Games for his so now if he drops it it has a bit of padding and also the games are tiny so I made a rule where you can only have one game out of the case at a time (we had lost 6 games at 1 stage but thankfully found them). I couldn't believe how small they were.
My DD (4) has asked for one for this xmas but I think I will wait til she is 6 also.

My eldest daughter loves hers, so I can only imagine a little boy would go nuts to get one for xmas!! He's going to love it!! I agree with charging it, and I also bought some extra pens for them. They're about $12 for 4 just in case she looses one.
i have one and love it, my dd pays my ds now and loves it so much. i have the older style one and have had it for 3 years now. havent had a problem with it yet.

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