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What do you think of the names

Sarah Michelle
Jack Thomas

Do you think they go with there big sisters
Caitlin Jane
Emma Margaret


i love Jack Thomas

Sarah Michelle reminds me of Buffy lol

I do like Jack Thomas
I have a soft spot for sarah, my best friend from grade 1 is sarah and if my firstborn was a girl he would have been a sarah as well. I know adults and kids with the name and i love it, i just dont think it dates. I do like the name jack as well I think they are great choices.
[Edited on 27/10/2008]
Love the name Jack Thomas (thomas was nearly my Jacks middle name)
and love Sarah Michelle. is michelle a family name? goes well with Sarah.

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

Ha Ha so Sarah Michelle was in "Buffy"????

As i knew the name sounded familiar but couldnt place it, i never watched the show.

None of the names choosen are family names just names we liked and thought went well together???

Im glad everyone thinks they sound nice, makes me more sure!


Yup Sarah Michelle Gellar(sp?) was buffy the vampire slayer lol
So everyone will think of this? OK i think i need to change it.


If you like the name then keep it. Yes I thought that straight away but in all honesty how often do you use the childs middle name??
i wouldnt worry about the buffy pp said middle names arent often used. Dh has trouble remembering mine LOL
and by the time your DS is at school sarah michelle geller (sp?) probably wont be well known

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

i love the names!

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