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just wanted to know has anyone got theres yet it was due 20 oct i have yet to recieve mine and wanted to know if others have and what centre you child/ren go to
Ours went into our account few days ago. I was most excited! DD goes to an ABC centre
received it last friday.
my two go to abc aswell am really looking forward to it
For those that have received it, did it come with your fortnightly payment or did it show up in your account on a different day?

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I got mine today. Nice shock when i went to look at the bank.

Larissa Charlotte Brayden

i thought it may come with my normal payment but that was today and i havent got it yet
we dont get fortnightly payments. it showed up in our account as FAMILY ALLOWANCE AUS GOV FAMILIES though, not Child Care Rebate.
I got mine last week and DD goes to a private centre (not ABC). It went in separate to my other payment. I would ring centrelink and ask as mine wouldn't have gone through as they were waiting for info from me. As soon as they had it it went through 3 days later but it is only with both parents working.

I just went online and it says mine will be in tomorrow. Yay!!

DD goes to a private day care.

You should give the Family Assistance office a call to see what they say.

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ok i just rang centrelink and she said they started to trigger them on the 20th and they should all be triggered by friday providing your centre has updated there usage which means they will be in our accounts be 2 working days
Ds goes to child care but I'm not entitled to it as DH is working but not me. Figure that out, considering the amount of money I fork out each week.

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