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Hi I am planning my daughter's first birthday and would like to know if anyone has any bright ideas on themes, food, activities, games etc etc. There are about 70 people coming.

Any helpful hints are always welcome.
We hired Maya's daycare centre for her 1st birthday party. We had it on a Saturday afternoon, that way she had already had her daytime sleep so didn't get overtired.
We did kiddy type party food: fairy bread, sausage rolls, little donuts, pizza, bacon and egg pie plus some healthier stuff for the littlies like crackers and fruit. I made a special cake for her that was allergy friendly as Maya has lots of allergies.
We didn't bother toomuch with games, I found the kids amused themselves really well. We had about 20 kids aged from 4mths to 15 years, and the daycare centre was a great venue for them, the littlies played with the toys and books, the bigger kids got into the musical instruments. It was pouring with rain, but went really well coz we had heaps of space.
I was really pleased with how everything went. We made each kid a little party bag which had lollies, balloons etc, and the highlight of the party bags was a little vial of bubble mixture. All the kids loved those, and it was something they could take home.
Hope this helps.

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The best birthday website to try is It is an American site and full of great themes and ideas. Just adapt to Aussie (or NZ ) products etc. Go to the Big List of Kid's Parties and browse thru hundreds of party ideas submitted by parents. They are sorted by categories like characters, themes, occasions etc. Great resource for all types of ideas. I remember seeing lots of great first birthday ideas. Have Fun!

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