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hi ppl,I was just wondering if any f u have any good 1st birthday gifts that r special and memorible,as i m trying 2 think of something 4 my sons 1st b'day...boy he grew up quick...
I'm in the same boat as you, I want something special perhaps an item of jewlery that he can wear now and also when he is older eg a charm of his first initial?

Vic, 3 y.o boy

Hi, we decided on a silver mug that we looked high & low for (!) which we got engraved. It's a bit hard for boys isn't it? My friends got their daughter a charm bracelet which they will add charms to and will eventually give it to her on her 21st.

mum of 1

Hi guys we were wondering what to do for our son's first birthday and finally decided on a coin collection. We started off with the baby sets for the year of your birth and will get him a new coin every year. This year we got him a silver kangaroo. All the coins are available from Australia Post. We got him a toy as well but wanted to get him something that he could keep and it is really hard for boys. He will probably think it's really lame when he grows up but it was done with the right intentions.

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi Kelly and other mums,

I think your coin idea is great and now that I am pregnant with my second bub, a boy due July 30, I will keep that in mind. Coins increase in value the older they are... so some day when your boy is much older, if he does think his coin collection is lame... well it could be worth quite a bit of money!!!

I also had the idea of collecting trains for a boy... small models that you could display on a shelf.

And my other idea is to start a bank account and each year on their birthday put a chunk of money in there for their future.

Hope this helps you a little,

Just to add a little extra about the coins. My son just had his christening and friends of ours said that they got him a gift that would grow with him. Had us going all day wondering what it was. When we got home it was a silver coin and we thought that it was the best idea ever - what a great idea! So that is definately staying in the good ideas book. It's amazing what great ideas some people get.

Bett, NSW, 2 boys & Twins 19.2.08

Hi Flintstones,

The coin idea is a great one... for my daughter we had a naming day and she was given a fruit tree as a gift... it sounds wierd, but actually it is very clever. The tree is a cherry tree and it has pink blossoms on it then cherries. It will grow each year with our daughter and it will always be there as a reminder of her special day.

Is that another idea for the good ideas book...?

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