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Hooray for Dee!! Lock Rss

fantastic to see you back!!

Your little man is just gorgeous!!! Well done!!
How does it feel to have a ittle bit of blue??
Are the girls in love with their new baby brother??

Thanks smile] I think he is pretty darn gorgeous too!!!

hehe I have video from just after he was born where all you can hear is me going...WOW a boy...what are we going to do with you!!! lol surprised, shocked and overjoyed all in one moment.

I got peed on for the first time yesterday on the trip home during a nappy change in the car, funny. I am still working out how to deal with these baby boy parts,lol.

The girls love and adore him. To begin with Abi was not impressed at all with a brother, she wanted another sister. Once she saw him and gave him a cuddle though she decided he was pretty cute and we should keep him,lol. PJ jumped up and down when she heard the news and Hannah....well her new fave word is....Baby. She just wants to kiss and cuddle him.

congrats dee, i knew it was gonna be a boy lol.

well done, hes gorgeous.
Wow Dee what a georgeous Boy.... Welcome back bet you are glad to be home again....

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

Congratulations Dee, he is just adorable......

Can't wait to see more pictures... also welcome home.....

congrats, jonathan is beautiful

Awww he's absolutely beautiful and perfect - so happy for you smile]

Aww what a sweetie Dee!!!

Well done!

Its great to see you back! I bet its great to be home and settling back into life with all of your 4 darlings!!

What a handsome boy you have there and so lucky to have 3 big sisters to help him grow. Congratulations again.
awww congratulations dee!

hehe boys are easier to change than girls- once you get used to it! need to be prepared for a spray attack at anytime smile
Congratulations dee! He's gorgeous.
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Awwwwwwwww he is soooooooooooo beautiful! Well done and good to have you home!

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