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Hello.. Lock Rss

Have not been here in ages.

To cut a huge 6 mnths short, Chloe Mae is 6 mnths today, have had PND, she has had numerous health problems (feeding, ezcema, clickyhips) and the last 6 mnths have been hell!

Coming out the end of it now and wanted to say hello!

Any new pregnancies?

Welcome back! Sorry to hear you have had such a bad time in the last few months. Hopefully things start to improve for you soon.
Hey chicky, good to see you back.
I'm UTD, due 12 Jan. New account - formerly Kettle!!

Catch you soon, heading to school for computer class with DD's class... xx
i hope the next 6 months are alot better foru . im 13 weeks prg due may smile

i remember you, welcome back. sorry to hear your last 6months havnt gone so well. hope they get better soon.

i am 13weeks pregnant. due sometime in may. both my u/s dates are different, aswell as my own due date. so im due the 7th to the 19th.

but i think the 10th, my last u/s said 15th, so she said i was probably right. (sorry for the long story on my due dates)
Hello stranger smile] I was only thinking of you and wondering how you were going the other day.....your ears must have been burning,lol.

Oh btw I am Dee aka dees*3*divas now dees*4*darlings since we welcomed our little man Jonathan into the world on Sunday morning.

Keep in touch, PM me anytime so we can catch up and have a chat. I have no clue when I will be around or not atm on here so PM will at least mean I get to chat to you.

Take Care smile]

Welcome back!!

Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rough time! I hope things improve for you!!

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