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What Happeend to the NEWS thread? Rss

did it get deleted. It was about the 2 children in Perth that were abducted and assulted? Can someone enlighten me please????

a 19 year old was hanging around the primary school, he was apparently an ex student, teacher told him to leave, he left but after school finished,the two children (the brother and sister) were on their way home and and he took them into to bushes.... than let the two children go.

stupid sicko!

poor kids =
Thanks....did the thread get deleted?

but that thread was about the other two kids in ellenbrook so not sure which story you wanted...
not sure sorry.

the other one was about the two children that died at home.
The thread called NEWS was about the brother and sister - jst wondering where it went search feature on Huggies sucks!

prob got deleted than
thanks anyway luvvy.....

I think it may have been deleted Naomi?

I can't believe the crap that is coming out about it. Why the hell didn't that teacher tell the police to come and check this scum out? She obviously knew where he lived. Surely if you found a 19 year old in the kids toilets (especially after another incident of the same kind had happened a few weeks ago) you wouldn't just think, "oh well, he left without incident, no harm done'. Surely, surely the alarm bells would start ringing???

Sick piece of scum. I hope he gets his just desserts in prison. Broken arms in doors is apparently what happens to sick men like him.
i think what she said was because the guy left when he was told to leave the area, so there fore cops didnt need to be notified? i think thats what they said

i dont know so confusing cops should of been notified regardless
dont know how people can even think of doing it at all!

so disgusting =
Posted by: *mele* pophead
Broken arms in doors is apparently what happens to sick men like him.

I hope that isnt all that happens....
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