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hello, does anyone know how i can organise a babysitter / nanny to meet me at my house at 5am and take my daughter to preschool at 7.30 5 days a week?? i have no idea what to do..any advice would be helpful

Aimee, 4 year old princess

My Family Day Carer has kids before & after school & drops them at school if need be. I think they may only work 6am - 6pm though. Id check your local Family Day Care.
Otherwise, maybe just advertise in your local paper?

Jack ''08 & Bump ''10

I use to work for a few Nanny companies and would do this sort of thing for a family. Get to their house early, prepare lunches, get chn ready etc and drop off at school before i headed to uni. In SA they have companies such as DIal an ANgel and Nanny SA. All nannies are police checked and will have first aid etc. Look in your local yellow pages under Nanny/nannies if you interested in this sort of thing.
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