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What do you do with... Lock Rss

Baby clothes that you no longer need and are too good (read expensive) to just give away.

I know i can put them on ebay but i'm not sure if i want strangers wearing clothing that was special to my family (IYKWIM)

DO you keep them in case someone you know has a baby the same sex or do you just give them to vinnies or other worthy cause??
ROFL well I have kept all DD's clothes and they are all packed away in Empty nappy boxes at the moment, just in case I have a moment of insanity at some point and decide to have a second baby and just in case it's another girl. LOL

Eventually thought I will give them away to someone I know who can use them. A fair few of them were handed down to me by my sister and a couple of friends.

Im cleaning out ds clothes atm, majority I will be keeping and others I will be selling on ebay & giving to salvos

The really good ones I have kept

I have about 4 outfits for each child (6 of them)

The rest I gave to a friend who had a boy after 3 girls

Double post
[Edited on 24/11/2008]

My Mum kept our "best" clothes from when we were little even though she wasn't going to have anymore. It was so much fun when we got older looking at all of them - especially the tiny ones from when we were so little.

I will be doing the same. Keeping a few outfits from each child that were really special.

The rest I will sell or give away.

Alternatively the ones that are very very special but you have no use for you could cut up and get made into a teddy bear so your child has pieces of their clothes forever. IYKWIM.
I'm a sap, I keep everything in those vac-pack bags. I have 4 huge ones!!!!!!
I have kept everything, I'm not willing to part with anything until I know I am done (which I'm not yet lol).
I have kept a couple of special outfits that I will give to the girls when they are older. The rest I have donated
I am going to make a blanket out of the kids special cloths

i''''m baking a baby

I kept all DD1's baby clothes because I couldn't bear to give them away.10 years later I had DD2 so you never know when you might need them LOL!
I'm going to keep some special ones just for when she's older that I won't use for any more girl babies (like the outfit we brought her home in and her naming day dress etc). The ones I'm just attached too I've got folded in a spare draw but I'm going to have to think of a better plan soon lol, it's very full. And some cute ones she didn't get to wear much I gave (well lent incase this one is a girl) to my niece.

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