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Wiggles @ Rod Laver Arena Lock Rss

Cameras are allowed, but they do ask that you don't take video footage is all.

We are taking our Camera Kristy. I will be getting close-ups of Captain..mmmmmmmm yum
I'll shove one in my knickers if that's what it takes!! PMSL

We have been to the Wiggles concerts for the past 2 years and are going for the last time this year. Both times we have been we have taken our camera and I don't even remember seeing any signs saying that we couldn't! I haven't had it taken off me as yet, so lets wait and see this time hey? I think they are more concerned with video cameras.

Ooooh great ladies!! Thanks for that, i will definitely be taking ours then... Look out Benny Boy, here i come!! LMAO

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