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Sorry, I almost took the another Xmas movie thread on a tangent - sorry!

I have answered my own question from that one though, I have found all the names of the old Christmas movies which used to played on TV in the 80's era. I loved them and am now buying them for my kids!

Hope someone else gets a kick out these old classics too!

* Frosty the Snowman
* Jack Frost
* The Little Drummer Boy
* Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
* Santa Claus is Comin to Town
* Twas the Night Before Christmas
* The Year Without a Santa Claus

I used to love The Cabbage Patch Kids Christmas movie. They haven't played any good movies for years sad
Santa Claus the Movie with Dudley Moore playing the elf and It Came Upon a Midnight Clear... They haven't played any good ones in so long. I love them and wait for them to get played each Christmas!
I LOVED the Santa Clause movie. That's the one where they have to do the loopty loop right?
Not exactly a kids movie but when us kids were older, our family always loved watching the National Lampoons Xmas movie! It never got old with us and was almost like a family tradition of ours! lol

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Now that's one movie that is on every year!! Always a good laugh.
Ahhh, thanks for the memories! I'll have to keep an eye out for these ones too!

Christmas is the best!

Last year the Sunday paper gave away a mini dvd with the classic model-mations from the 1970's, voiced by Fred Astaire. The one where Santa gives up and another with an evil reindeer and grinch. I totally love them (especially their polystyrene ball heads!!!!)

AND there was a Joseph and Mary movie - showing how they were just young teens and thrown into a social problem becoming pregnant with the Messiah in strict old times, but how they shone through. So beautiful. I would love to see that again.
yep stacey it's the loopty loop one! love it love it! I am an all out chrissie type of girl... gotta have the lights and tree etc and tis year even stockings hanging up!
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