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Bored with going to gym Lock Rss


does anyone have any suggestions on exercise other then walking?

I usually go to gym 3 times a week but am really bored with it! I get there and really can't be bothered!

My little boy and I would often go for walks but now that it is getting quite chilly its a bit cold to do this!

I am trying to think of some other ways to keep exercising




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Is bubs walking yet? I have found Maya loves to be chased around the house, which is good excercise!
Seriously tho, I go to the gym 3 times a week too, and sometimes I sit in the car outside and think "I can't be bothered" but I always feel great after a workout which helps me make the effort. Also watching the # on the scales go down each week is good incentive.
Indoor sports are great. I used to play and coach indoor netball. You can play social grade and the games are 30minutes. Indoor sports centres should be listed in the phone book. It's also a great social activity.

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Hi all I have found it hard to go walking in the mornings and afternoons because my girls sleep at different times, but I have kept fit and lost lots of weight just by doing exercise with the girls in the morning. Try dancing or doing aerobic steps with the kids in the morning to the kids progams on tv or cd. I then play games in the afternoon with them that requires us to get my heartrate going again. Like chasing each other, singing songs and dancing around or even ring a ring a rosie etc.

Just another suggestion. Hope this helps.

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Hi Melissa, can you get the gym staff to write you a different program? I get a new program every so often as you tend to get a bit bored with doing the same things all the time.


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Hi your lucky you get a chance to go to the gym my husband won't stay aloan with my girl (6mths he says he is scared she may start to cry and won't stop. rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr i tell him to get used to it but still haven't had a chance paying membership for nothing.
Are you working out yourself, just using cardio & weights?
I love doing the les mills classes, I think they are so much fun & as the routines change regularly there is no time to get bored.


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