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Hi all,

Just after some opinions on the Big W photobooks and gifts, how do they compare to Snapfish?

I am just looking thru the Big W sight and noticed that the prices are abit lower than Snapfish for some things. Just trying to save some cash that's all and wanted to know what the quality is like...



I don't know what the Snapfish ones are like, but the Big W aren't that great, I got them done when they were on special for $10, and with one of them I woyldn't have been too happy if I paid much more. The photos weren't in the borders properly, you can see where I have cropped them. One of the books is fine but the other one isn't great. Good luck xoxo

I don't like Big W's quality for any of their photo stuff.
Snapfish are fantastic.At the moment they are having a sale on phot books,40% off until December 11th.The code is JACKETAU8

Bugger!!! I ordered books from big w last week, they should be here in the next couple of days. im really nervous now. but i did use the negatives from a professional sitting. i will let you know how they turn out when they arrive.

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