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Quick question - non slip bath mats Rss

Thought I would quickly ask before I forget AGAIN!
Do you use some sort of no slip mat in your bath?
I always remember nana having one that suction cupped to the bottom of the bath and it always seemed yukky and dirty so it put me off ever having them!

BUT Miss Reagan is trying to crawl in the bath, I was putting her in the bath seat but she just tries to climb out! I am obviousky always there but she keeps slipping when she tries to crawl then cracks the sh its, so I was thinking of giving in and buying one.

Do you recomend it or is there something else you use?

My others just sat still on a facewasher in the bath so I have never worried before!!

Will be back later to check replies, gotta try and catch snails atm!! lol
yep i use one with the suction cups, i hang it up afyter every bath to dry and give it a good scrub when i clean the bath about once a week.
We have 6 bright green frog shaped suction grips that I take out and scrub when I'm cleaning the bath. In the bathroom aisle of K mart they have a few different shapes and colours.
I didn't need them for DS1 - not sure why not though? He just seemed to sit still and play nicely. Now he acts like a goose, but non-slip wouldn't stop him anyway.

If DS2 needs them I'll probably look for bath stickers that act as grip for them.
I brought a bath mat from Big W when DS was learning to sit up and since he started standing it's been ideal. It covers most of the bottom of the bath, and we take it out after his bath so that it can dry during the day.

Yep DD has a Dora one from Toys R Us.
$6.50 from BigW
Thanks everyone, after reading the replies earlier I asked DH to get one from our local hardware store (No department stores or big supermarkets here) Well we must have got the top of the line one cos it was $16.50!!! LOL LOL

Oh well it did he trick and she didn;t slip although it has given her more confidence to try and stand so don;t know how good it actually is !! LOL
If it does get mould on it I just nromally give mine a spray with exit mould and sit it in the sun and it goes and than I rinse it off with warm soapy water before my DD has her next bath...
We have a large bath mat that sticks to the bottom of the bath tub. We brought ours from Mitre 10 for $20. It has ducks all over it and Mason loves it. He was starting to enjoy standing in the bath so we invested before he slipped.
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