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  5. Anyone on here an ABA councellor or community educator?

Anyone on here an ABA councellor or community educator? Lock Rss

I would love some info on training requirements etc.

How did you find it, it is easy to fit around work and family etc?

Any insights/advice would be great

nooey was training to be an ABA councillor maybe contact her
I'd love to do that!!! Yep it was Nooey so maybe catch her on FB if you have her.
Thanks girls.. will see if I can track her down.

Kym, you should do it! You have plenty of experience and I know you were a great help to me more than once!

im studying at the momnet to be a councellor. Where do u live?

I'm in central Vic. I'm going back to school next year so I just want to know if it's a lot of work, because I would love to do it but I don't know if I could handle both + work + study kwim?

Where abouts are you?

[Edited on 04/12/2008]

I just wanted to add that if anybody has the latest password it would be much appreciated as I can't find my copy of the mag ANYWHERE! I keep finding the same 6 month old magazine but no new one! lol

i would love to do it too but at the moment we are ttc #3 and the other two are hard work but would definitely love to do it. Will it be beneficial??? I am a teacher so i would probably become a community educator rather than a counsellor. Any advice pls.
Kat + 2 kittens, maybe we could help each other thru it????????????

It would be great to have someone doing it at the same time, compare notes and whatnot!

cool. I was thinking maybe after the new year has settled down. I also have a friend who is doing it atm and she is also studying midwifery next year so i can ask her some stuff
look forward to getting to know you better
bump in case there are any on today smile

are you a memeber of ABA?
Do you go to any of the weekly meetings?

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