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Okay so I bite the bullet tonight and down I go to JB HiFi as I need a decent camera (or more so, want a decent camera).

I ended up buying a Canon SLR 10.2mp with twin lens, tripod, bag, sd memory card etc. Some $1,700 later - I really should have eaten before I went (ha ha - that is when you food shop right?) and not taken the kids(especially the younger one)!

Now how the hell do I use it!!!! So my question is...

Has anyone done a photography course at tafe? You know, those 8 week ones where you go for a couple of hours every week? Are they any good?


my dh is into photography and i have just bought him a book for chrissy. i know you cando online courses. is it a 450d or a 400d or something like that
Thank you for that - I didn't even think about a book! What sort of book did you buy? Do I just go into the book store and get one or maybe EBay?

This camera is way to flash for me to know what I am doing so I need help!!!

You can leave it set to auto and it will figure it all out for you! lol

The best way to work it out, is to take photos and then look at them and see what they turn out like. Then improve from there.

If you learn about lighting and positioning, this itself will improve your photos!

3 Little Ones to Love.....

i keep our 400d on auto but my dh uses the settings. the hardest thing to get used to is looking through the view finder again!!!
The book is called the photoshop cs2 book for digital photographers by scott kelby
my dh will chat to you now if you waant
btw bought the book at a bookstore but it is really for photo editing and it was about the same price online
Thanks Girls.

I am just pulling the box apart as we speak. There is a couple of little manuals in there (one is for using the twin lens thingy) but it is pretty basic. The book you bought - did that have lighting info etc or just the computer editing side?

Spunky is right - my main things to know will be lighting etc. I actually enjoy taking photo's and from an artistic point of view (props etc) I am okay - it is just making them look professional.

I spent $740 at Pixi last week and whilst I dont regret spending the money (photo's were really nice IMO) I would rather do my own.

ok firstly i wanna ask which camera you bought?? cause if it cost you 1,700 for a cannon 10mp i think u got riped lol i just paid 1,300 for the new cannon slr 450 and its 12mp ( from harvey norman) absolutely stunning pics.
And the course ur talking about i also tried to enrol too but have been told i may not even get a place nexy yr as huge waiting list! so id suggest if u want to do it or thinking off enrol now..and good luck!
I've also just bought The Canon 450D, 12mp, with twin lens (I also paid the extra $50 for the image stabilser lens) from Harvey Norman and with 2 x 4G memory cards and a tripod I paid $1700.

Not sure about any courses ... maybe try looking on the internet for information as well.

These cameras take awesome photos, and you don't really need too much know how!! It does it itself lol.

Not sure

MUMOF3KIDS~ when did you buy your if u dont mind me asking? I bought mine Tuesday, when i went in it was advertised at 1,500 and when they put it through it came up as 1,300 they must have been having a sale that day ~woot~ i also agree do nothing and it takes stunning pics grin but i like playing with the setting and love taking black and whites with it..
we always take colour photos and edit them to black and white just in case it looks fantastic in colour and you want it like that!!!
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