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To be exact it is a Canon 450D twin lens which was $1230, tripod $109, bag (big backpack thing) $124, SD 4gb card $62 and a 3 yr warranty - all up $1644 - sorry I should have been more precise that it was for all the stuff that went with it.

So I am thinking the actual camera price was okay?

ok nice i just thought when u said 10mp something was missing lol the 450D is 12mp..
When i purchased mine the guy gave me a quick run around on some settings but im looking online atm trina find another course to do i dont wanna wait till 2010 but all im finding is by correspondence sad...
So i would highly recommend you ring your tafe (were ever u are) and enrol asap even if you havent fully decided yet put ya name down..
I thought it was a 10.2mp??? Woo hoo - 12mp is even better! And I just remembered that the camera I was going to buy was 10.2mp and they didn't have any so I bought the next model up.

Looking at the box it is EOS 450D so am assuming we have the same camera?

Did you realise you get a free bag with it? Just log onto to Canon's website. Even though I bought a bag (a backpack so I can fit my video camera and my Sony digital in it also) the little bag would be helpful if I was just popping out rather than going to an event IYKWIM.

Definately going to look into doing a course but I will also go and get a book or two (put them under the Xmas tree from me to me LOL).

Very excited on this camera thing

Should have mentioned that the camera was $1500 but JB HiFi bought it down to the lowest he could (or so he said) (I think he was sick of me standing there with a 4 year old and a 3 mth old (who spewed on his floor)) - ha ha - will take Lexie with me in future and feed her just before I need to make big purchases!


I bought a book from the reader's digest website on digital photography called Perfect Digital Photos in a snap - the beginner's guide to taking and making great digital photos...

It is quite broad covering a range of topics, it has ISO settings, white balance, aperture etc, etc. I have found it quite helpful, just wish i had time to actually play with my camera to get used to the settings. DP bought it for me a couple of months ago and really haven't had the chance to give it a good work out on the different settings...

Anyway HTH

Yep we have the same camera smile...
Isnt it a dream to work? I take most my pics in black and white oh so lovely he was originally 1,500 yes!
Ohh i might have to have a look at this free bag maybe? Altho i too bought one!

That book sounds good to might check it out..
kylie, i sent you seven emails from my dh! Have fun reading
TaNNY19 - I bought my camera on Wednesday. The price on the shelf still said it was $1449, but when they scanned it, it came up at $1300 or something like that!

I haven't taken any black and white photos yet. I'm sure before the day is out, I will take some though.

Glad you got the 450D + accessories for that price. So you definately have a 12mp camera.

Yeh i did i think when i look back at price i paid what you paid lmao i dont take much notice just pay he he was too busy playing wif camera the lovely fellow who sold it (might i add was hot ~drewl~ LoL) gave me a quick run around off how it works so i was more interested in that!! and yeh mine was the twin lense kit plus i got a card and bag, now gotta go buy a tripod we did have one but mum through it out omg LoL
Thank you for emailing me Mel! I really appreciate it and I have already started reading smile

I went to my sisters horse show today and captured a stallion trying to attack (rape for a better word) a mare and I got the whole lot on the camera as I put it to sports mode... Some 100 photo's later but they are the most wanted photo's of the whole show (the mare was worth $60k and the stallion $80 so it was fairly 'full on') - very impressed with myself and I don't even like horses!

The close up photo's I have taken are amazing - I will add some to my signature (maybe not tonight though) and then bump the post.

Some of my framily/friends actually emailed me and asked where I took my eldest DD for her photo's as they thought they were great.

**chest pumped out with proudness**

Kylie, Mia and Lexie

Couldn't help myself - changed my sig!

Bump for Mel ~ thanks again!

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