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just needed to have a little complaining time about Tickled Pink photos...

I got My little boys pics taken through them and they came back great..loved them....BUT

They are so inconsistent with the prices that you can talk them down if your that why inclined. I aren't i just can't bargin i got ripped off. I bought the whole pack and CD cause i wanted to make stuff with the gorgeous pics..and she said there would be extra ones that they didn't print on it.

I got the CD and the pictures were the same as the ones i got, only difference being a slight head turn. I rang and the lady said well the CD only cost $20 and i said OH NO IT WASN"T..they charged my heaps more for it...ripped off again.

I know i should have talked her down and acted like i hated them to get a good price, but why should i have to??? I thought i lived in Australia and everyone should be offered the same price!!! In Bali maybe, but that's not fair.

I just wanted to let epople know out there that they take great photo's but think twice about them if you can't bargin down!!! The lady on the phone said people are happy and wasn't worried about my i thought i would spread the word..and word can travel.

WOuld love to hear your experience with them...

here i go again cos i jsut deleted it by accident..

i have had my sons pictures taken by them twice and ill continue to do so as i think the photos are fabulous and i also think the price was terriffic,

i paid 240 for 55 photos printed off in different sizes, and i had 5 poses i had three full body shots and 2 up close just face type shots.. or half body shots..

i then paid 20 dollars for the disc and another 30 for a poster size edited picture of black and white with some color and his name printed...

i havent had any problems with them, how much did u pay if you dont mind telling?

cos i know with pixie photos i went there when he was 3 weeks old and i paid 400 and something for i think 3 or 4 photos and one was the gift one!!

edited to add that the difference in the cd pictures are that it was every picture taken on the day.. and that may only be a slight head turn or the slight smile difference in the bub.. it all depends on how your baby/child was on the day to what photos you get on the disc

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Where is Tickled Pink Photos?

We have had heaps of photos taken by them and they have been really great and we have only ever paid what we want to pay for them.When we first had them done the lady told us that the whole package would be $500.00 for the lot and we only paid $375.00 because i wasn't going to pay that for the pics so she would said wouldg go and she what she could for us because she didn't want us to miss on the photos so she went of and spoke to her boss and they gave them to me for that price.Yes igree with you have to talk them down in price.I have we have been back a few times and seen the some lady and she has given us the photos heaps cheaper and the boss is always with her they work in a team.

I have had heaps of photos taken by them too, and I am really pleased with them. We got around 60 photos and the disk and a set of keychains and magnets for $260, then paid an extra $90 to get three posters in black and white with some colour. I think thats great value, considering one time i got a free sitting for a family picture, and when saw it wanted to buy it - it cost $380 for one picture. Now thats what I call ripped off!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

I was happy with them, I got 60 photos for $180 plus keyrings and magnets for free...

Hi there LOVE LOVE LOVE there work and yes i have to agree i payed i think $60 or $80 of 1 photo through pixi photo whereas i got the whole package from tickled pink for $260 thought wow bargain until i arrived at mothers group and found out that yes it does depend on who serves you when you are picking up the photos other girls got the same package same amount of photo's etc for only $160 another paid $180 only cause they were hesitant to buy the photos and the ladies quietly turned round and said "have them at $160" we only throw them out anyway!
I was furious as i was the one that had referred them to the mothers group and i payed extra $100 for the same amount of photos!!
i ended up getting a free enlargment which i was happy with.... but yes girls they WILL give you a cheaper price than what is stated!!


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