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  5. I am sure it could be classed as a form of torture....

I am sure it could be classed as a form of torture.... Lock Rss

DH and I got given a huge box of Guylian chocolates - my FAVOURITE chocs. I hardly ever eat them coz they are so expensive....
Anyhoo, because little DD2 (who is BF) is dairy intolerant, I can't eat any sad sad sad

I did consider eating a heap then spewing them back up.... but thought that was too gross. I have made DH promise me that he'll buy me a big box when DD2 is finally weaned.

Until then I just have to look at the box and drool sad sad

why not express some milk, eat some, then express that milk and get rid of it?

Because it can take weeks for cows milk protein to pass through the human body and therefore milk. Poop.

Get DH to go out and buy you some nice dairy free choccies, and let him know you're not sharing!

Do you know of any nice dairy free chocs? I have only tasted one type which is sold at Woolies but TBH it isn't that nice.

BTW BizarreChicken, what date was your little one(whom you are BF) born? I've been BFing about the same length of time and my DD1 was born on 6.08.06 (she only weaned a couple of months ago).

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