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Christmas count down Lock Rss

[b][color=red]The official count down to Christmas

Santa will be here in:

101 days!!![/b][/color]

[b]Help me count down to Christmas!!! [/b]

OMG! Christmas is the last thing on my mind, I will be 31wks pregnant on that day. But, my 2 kids are already wanting to decorate the house. I love xmas, but did not expect to be pregnant! My DS is 16yrs and DD 14yrs.

But thanks for letting me know how many days are left, now I will really have to start shopping!

Ok so Im going to make a TO DO list today LOL

oh any chrissy thread I am in.. I wait all year just for Xmas... ..
"99 days"

OMG we are under 100!!!

98 days

i so have to join in i love xmas and especially with the little ones DS will be 30 months old and DD will be 9 months old CANT WAIT, ive already gone crazy hehe

But why does my countdown says 1oo days to go??
But why does my countdown says 1oo days to go??

PMSL - I have given you all a big bum steer... LOL I have been the countdown to Santa site on the net... LOL

I have just counted on my calendar and yes it is 100 days to Christmas...

So here we go again...

100 Days til Santa comes...

YAY we are back to 99 days. chuckles to thy self....

Im getting a wee feeling of de ja vuu LOL

My preggy brain ges confused very easily. Dont worry Im along for the ride...

Christmas is coming and Im getting very fat LOL LOL

98 days

and yesterday I saw Christmas decorations in Big W....

OMG, decorations already - how awesome!!
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