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it's a bit silly to buy a Nintendo DS for a 4 year old?

I don't think its silly at all. My DD is 4 (turns 5 in March) and she loves playing with her cousins DS. We are going to get her one in March for her birthday.

DS is 4 turning 5 in Feb and he got a DS for Christmas.. He has also been playing his cousins PSP for a year now too...

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Well I have been thinking of getting Kaili one. She is 3.

I was just unsure of how well a 4 year old would be able to use one, I've never used one myself.

My nephew got one for Christmas, he's almost 8 and my niece is 4 and today at the shops we saw them and my SIL had bought her one. Though the only reason she bought her one is 'cos it's easier to get her one than listen to her whinge'..

I dont think it is Silly BUT I would go on Ebay and get an older style one as they are more robust I have one sitting in a draw ready and waiting for DS who will be 4 in Sept. The older style ones still fit the same cartridges and all just a little more sturdy..
we got one for dd who is six, i'm not sure what other games are like - but her require a bit of reading as she plays, she can read, which means that i dont have to teach her lol! I'm not much of a gamer!

My boy is five and while I allow him to play my DS and he has his own games I wont allow him to have one of his own just yet.

I like being able to control when he plays it and what games he plays. He can also be a bit rough with it so by reminding him that it belongs to mummy means that he's a bit more careful than he would be otherwise.

I'll let him have his own when he's a few years older.

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I have a friend with a 4 year old who has one. His little brother who is 2.5 likes some of the simple games too.
Is it normal to get both your kids one? My stepsons got one each and I thought this was a bit OTT... but then again I don't have a clue about computer games.
I know a lot of 4yr olds with them

Our kids don't have one (4 and 3yrs)

As long as they don't know about them they don't need them I guess is our theory. That will prob end when they get to school age and find out about them lol
Yeah i think it is Shay, Maybe just buy one and give it to me!!! LMAO!! I WANT ONE!!!

Nah whatever you think, My besties son has one and he is 4.
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