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Was I The Only One??? Lock Rss

Who wasn't loved enough by their Secret Santa to receive anything? lol, So who was mine anyway???

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You were not the only one lol lol
I think there was still a few out there...

Owen 26.2.04 and Hannah 17.9.07

LOL, well at least that makes me feel better knowing I wasn't the only one! lol

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I didn't either K!
Oh No! You serious??

I would get onto who was it..? Bubba06? Find out who was supposed to be buying for you! Thats just not fair...

Who organised it? I say start naming and shaming!!!
Awww thats so crappy that some of you didn't receive a present.

I think the organiser should name and shame those that didn't send presents - not fair at all!

Yep Name and Shame!! I totally agree...

Awwww that's really slack!! I say name and shame too.
Posted by: Mum2Ryder
Yep Name and Shame!! I totally agree...

i agree its not fair on those who didnt get one

Well I was all for the name and shame except looks like I'll be on that list. I sent the present over 2 weeks ago and don't think it's been received yet sad
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