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Was I The Only One??? Lock Rss

I actually didnt participate, I just feel bad for those that went and purchased something special and didnt receive anything in return. Im sure most if not all that have not received are happy that they were able to put a smile on someone elses face but I think they too deserve the same respect.

[Edited on 29/12/2008]
I never recieved one either sad

My SS had a helper that was looking for me early this month, I did reply. Maybe something got lost in the post.
I know that my recipient got hers and Im glad that I did get to share in the spirit of christmas.

I dont mind anyway, I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy, baby boy on december 4 and he was the best gift anyone could have in time for christmas!
i never got mine either so there still a few of us around i stopped waiting thou so that way if it does arrive it be a surpise

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