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Secret Santa NOT recieved Lock Rss

Could all that have still not recieved there gifts please post in here . Please only post in here if ou have not recieved , no other repls please
Ummm me sad
I didnt wanna be the first to reply lol lol
No pressie recieved either sad

Thanks anyway for organising it!
Me, But some cheeky devil pmed me from a new account and asked if they could be my SS.

I was waiting on you to let us know whats happening.
I havnt recieved mine either.
I was Cutiepiesmum!

i havent received mine either
i was mummy4lillyan
[Edited on 04/01/2009]

Nothing here- ballet mum there was a post the other day saying yours was on the way. Apologies for it being late the lady found it under the tree when she took the tree down. Or something like that
Im still awaiting. I was feeling a bit left out. sad

me too
me i sent my SS gift off weeks ago

but i have not got a SS gift grrrrrrrr

mum to 2 girls and one little man with ASD and ADH

Me! (Glad to see I'm not the only unloved one though! lol)

3 Gorgeous Girls!

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