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anyone heard of? Lock Rss Apparently they upload your photos without your consent?

if you were sent a link in an e-mail or on messenger, it's probably a virus. just ignore it, if you click on it you will get the virus too.

I saw it mentioned by a friend on facebook - so I thought I would take a look. I typed in the addy and it asked for my email and my name and where I had heard about the site. It wouldn't let me access anything because facebook users aren't allowed to look? Have I been sucked in? What should I do - the damage would already be done wouldn't it?

Sounds suss to me, might want to run a virus scan

Also do a google search for the site you were given. People may have already encountered it and know what to do.

Good luck, hope it's nothing serious

spoke to friend on the ph it is a scam - she didn't put it on facebook - someone else did. She has been hacked. I ran a scan and nothing came up. Does that mean i am ok?

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