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I had to get new bathers today and all I could see were my 'love handles' so after i bought them I went to Maccas and bought a junior burger meal. Pretty self destructive hey!

well seeing you ar eon here with children i am guessing you are an adult so a junior burger meal is showing restraint they are for the juniors

ur not the only 1. I had to go shopping for new clothes on monday and found that everything i tried on was tight so instead of buying clothes i went and brought chocolate and icecream!!!
I should mention that I have already had lunch, and I wasn't even hungry - and yet the golden arches were calling my name!

well that changes everything you should go over to the corner and pull the power on your tv you are obviously easily brainwaved by commercials it is not your fault

still say you showed restraint more than i would have if i walked in to that joint

I guess what I'm saying is that when I feel bad about myself I have an impulse to eat bad things . . . .I need some self esteem . . . . or something

willpower or restraint i have neither and also need it dont think we are alone either

Hahaha, you are definatly not alone! After discovering last night that I can grab a handful of excess belly after having DS nearly 4 months ago, I was lamenting to DH that as of THEN I was eating better, going for walks every day etc....whinged how Ive never had blob in my life,its embarrassing etc.
No less than half an hour later in need of some comforting I went straight to the freezer and cleaned up the last of the Neapolitan icecream (and it wasnt a small amount). Bypassed the frozen yogurt...I needed something stronger! DOH!!!

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