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where or how the theory of dipping a dummy in/ feeding babies condensed milk came from?
I ask, only because my well meaning (but very back in the old days) mother inlaw keeps telling us to dip DS's dummy in it and he'll take it! (He's very anti sucking anything other than his hands or mum's boobies!) I will add, NO Im not that stupid to have done it & NO I wouldn't and haven't considered it.
She's also suggested dipping it in honey (forehead slap!).
In not sure my incredulous expression gives her the hint that I think the idea is ridiculous, LOL!

So Im curious if anyone knows how or why this braniac idea of the condensed milk thing came about all those years ago?

Nope but I love dipping my fingers in it now. In fact I'm off to open a can to feed my cravings.
He he - God bless our well meaning in laws!!! If he isn't interested in sucking the dummy I wouldn't bother. Ionly say this as I persevered with dummy with DD# - getting it off her was a nightmare lol!!! DD2 has always sucked her 2 fingers and wouldn't have a bar of a dummy - maybe he loves your boobies and his hands more lol!!!!
It probably came from the fact that pretty much everyone likes sweet things and no one likes to have a screaming baby! When dd was at the rch they gave her sugar water before her needles - it releases endorphins and they dont feel the pain

I wonder if any old midwives or nurses would know...
We are only trying to get him to take a dummy because of his reflux- apparently sucking is a natural pain reliever for them (and it means he will give me a little break,he literally gnaws me like a dummy just for the sake of having something in his mouth!)
Imabear, you are probably right you know...back then if bub was a screamer it meant mum was a failure in societies eyes.
Poor little darling having needles...I feel so cruel taking mine in for immunizations (and Im an ambo- Ive seen thousands of needles go into thousands of'd think Id be used to it!)

Geez there have been some odd "cures" for baby related issues. My DD had colic as a young baby and my Nan used to tell me to put socks on her, regardless of what she was wearing and that would cure her colic, LOL!!

The condensed milk thing is now consuming my thoughts, LOL...I saw a can in the cupboard, got to thinking and mocking MIL for the doofus of a suggestion and now its got me thinking!!

The condensed milk may also come from back in the good old days (lol) people also used to water it down and give to fussy babies who had problems when on formula (we would now try different formulas or add thickener etc) A midwife/CHN from the old school also told me to water it down and give it to Ben as a baby (about 8 months) after a bout of gastro as it is supposedly gentler on their stomachs than formula... but hey who knows..
Funny being an ambo isnt it - I used to love it, but after having the kids, no way I could go back to it - I'm now toooo soft - was even a wimp when I had to be canulated and asked for a numbing cream to be applied first.
Hey Lisa!!
LOL, yeah Ive gone wimpy too- I know I cant go back to it and do what I used to do. Ive officially resigned (sniff!) and as of March next year Im back to being a uni student all over again! AAArrrg! Career change because my babies have made me a softie!
Aaahh, see where you woosed it and wanted numbing cream, I was DEMANDING where I was to be canulated ( had to be radial,left arm and no back of hand!). Then when I opted for peth I told them how much to give me, and to follow it up with Maxalon, lol!

I still havent got to the bottom of the condensed milk thing- I mean people must still be in the mindset of giving it to babies because it has that warning on the back about not being suitable for infants except on medical advice.

i think it comes from when times were hard and before formula was so readily available, babies were given a mix of condensed milk as 'formula' as breastfeeding was frowned apon
i will admit i gave zac honey on his dummy a few times when i needed to drive somewhere as he was a shocker and would scream the whole way in the car, and he would scream when i put him down , he would just scream all the time so yep i used honey and it worked.. and his teeth are fine, and stuff liek that mind u it wasnt like i did it everyday i think i may have done it 6 times all up if that

Do you mean evaporated milk? This used to be given to babies rather than formula, don't know about the condensed milk though? I've never heard of that one before?

And regarding the honey, it's not so much because of the issues it can cause with their teeth, honey can contain a bacteria that can be potentially fatal to babies which is why Dr's etc advise not to give it to babies. Just want to add that apparantly golden syrup is a better alternative to honey xo

Edited to add the golden syrup bit xo
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if u have a look at the tin of condensed milk it will say not to be given to babies, unless prescribbed to by a doctor, somethink on them lines, my brother was given it to make him put on weight as he was a premmie (12 weeks early)

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Wow, I never knew that? I knew about the evaporated milk but not condensed milk? Thanks smile

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